Spirituality in the workplace: Bible Study


How do you allow spirituality in the work place with Bible Study?

This article is one of a series which includes spirituality in the workplace, prayer in the workplace, worship in the workplace, and Bible study in the workplace.  In this article we look at practical ways to include prayer in the workplace.

Bible study in the workplace

When we talk about having Bible study in the workplace many business leaders think about bringing in a pastor to lead a Bible study.  The thought is that workers can get to know the pastor and maybe they will go to church with you since they know the pastor.  That is a great thought, but most people who would attend a Bible study are already part of a church.

If you were going to bring in a pastor or church leader, you might as well publicize it through the community and invite anyone in any business who wanted Bible study to join, but that is a whole other concept than what we are talking about in this article.

Christian entrepreneurs can lead their 'flock' with Bible study at work. Click To Tweet

When we talk about Bible study in the workplace, we are talking about Christian entrepreneurs leading Bible study for their ‘flock.’ It may sound weird, but as a Christian entrepreneur, you are the leader for your group and part of your leadership as a Christian business leader is to lead your people spiritually.

I know what you are thinking, “I don’t know enough to lead.”  You know enough to lead your business and you know enough to be a Christian: you already know enough.  You have something built inside of you that makes you a leader.  You didn’t become a Christian business leader by accident, it was directed by a Sovereign and Holy God.

How to lead Bible study as a Christian Entrepreneur

Keep focused on scripture.

  • It is easy for people to share wisdom and experience and there is nothing wrong with that, but keep the study focused on what the Bible says.  Just pick a book of the Bible and start going through it as a group.  Get a good study Bible and review the notes below each section before you start the study.

Be prepared.

  • Take time to review the Bible passage you want to lead in various versions of the Bible.  I suggest King James (KJV), New International Version (NIV), The Message (MSG) and the Amplified version (AMP).  Looking at the way different groups have translated a passage is a great way to get ‘nuance’ of what the original scripture text is teaching.  Again, you are keeping your personal study in scripture.  You can even do this during Bible study time and learn as a group.

Prepared deeper if needed.

  • Only AFTER you have read the scripture, prayed and meditated on what it says to you specifically should you look to see what other people have said.  If you are just going through a book of the Bible with your employees, you may not even need to do a deeper study.  If you do, look up the passage on Youtube and in some Bible commentaries.  Commentaries are not scary books, they are just comments from other people who have studied that text in depth.

Should I use prepared Bible studies for my business Bible study?

Using a prepared Bible study is a great tool and there are many out there.  I know a successful weatherman who has created a book from the studies he did each week for three years at the news station in Dallas.  (I will let you know when it is released.)  Zig Ziglar has some great resource as do some other great leaders like John Maxwell.  You want to have a study focused on scripture, not on the author or platform the leaders are creating.

Personally, I tend to shy away from ‘organization’ Bible studies especially in a business setting.  Any organization who releases studies on a regular basis can charge a hefty price.  It may be a hindrance to your study when you cannot afford to buy the next book because of how many of your workers have joined your study.  Or, if you make your workers pay, they may not be able to afford the next ‘chapter.’  I think Bible study should be free, that is why I offer free Bible study for all Christian business leaders.

The better way to do Bible study in the workplace

Your Bible study in the workplace should be just that: Bible study and it should be lead by you as the spiritual leader.  Reading a book together or doing long homework-laden Bible study workbooks can be more work than your employees need.  It can leave people frustrated when they can’t keep up with all the work in those fancy workbook.

Keep it simple by just reading through scripture with your group.  Read a chapter at a time.  Make some general comments about what you feel God is teaching through that passage.  Ask for the group to comment. Pray and end.  It is that simple.

My gift to get you started

I have created a 7 part Bible study that you can use as a guideline to get started.  It focuses on scripture and can be used in the office or at your church for free.  It is a general overview of the entire Bible in simple to understand format.

My goal is to give you an easy win for your first Bible study and teach you some Bible Study leading tips along the way.  I will also include some tips and links to sites to help you get more out of your personal Bible study.

I wrote this study specifically to give you a good foundation to the Bible.  We literally give you a short overview of each book in the Bible so that you can know your way around this wonderful resource called the Bible.

It is free, but I ask people to sign up so that I can pray with them and offer any help along the way.  Sign up for our free membership and you get immediate access to the Bible study, a checklist to keep you on track as a Christian entrepreneur and a weekly Bible study to keep us sharp as Christian entrepreneurs.


Christian Entrepreneurs Series

In this series we will discuss Christian business leadership and what it could look like to have spirituality, especially Christianity, active and living in the workplace:

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