Why would you want to run your business based on Christian values?

Christian business leaders have a hard enough time making ends meet without adding spirituality in the workplace, right?

A recent study conducted by the Gallup organization and the National Opinion Research Center revealed that 78 percent of all Americans claim they want to experience some form of spiritual growth. Of this group, half of them felt they were too busy with their careers to enjoy God or even give enough time to developing their spiritual lives. And when polled about their workplace, it was found that, when businesses provided spiritually-minded programs they felt not only more calm and relaxed, but were, in fact, more productive.

Additionally, it was discovered that those who worked for Christian business organizations where spiritual values were encouraged were less fearful and more committed to their workplace goals, as well as less likely to compromise their values. Ian Mitroff, professor at the USC School of Business, says that “spirituality could be the ultimate competitive advantage.” (source)

Let’s break down a few of the benefits of working in a business where Christian values are openly shared:

  • Business owners know what they stand for in their business: helping people and honoring God.

  • Business owners have a strong set of guidelines when making hard decisions: it’s based on the Bible.

  • Business owners have a greater peace when things get really tough in business: prayer calms the mind and body.

  • Employees are more comfortable knowing that a Christian business owner will take care of them: Christian owners truly care for their employees over profits.

  • Employees are more open and the internal work community is more likely to become a ‘family’ atmosphere: Biblical fellowship, community, is open and caring.

  • Employees who grow their faith are more likely to honor the business: less stealing and conflict.

  • Customers feel comfortable knowing the business will take care of them: values are God-honoring and people focused.

  • Customers know the quality will be high: excellence in business is a calling.

  • Customers will feel truly valued: customers are people we care for not just numbers.

I could literally write 100 reasons, and I may do that soon, but to make it simple, Christian values means owners and employees are more likely to work with integrity.  There is less stealing, lying, coming in hung over, less broken families, less drama . . . or at least there should be.

A Christian business owner whose faith is growing will positively impact the entire community. Click To Tweet

If a business is truly run by a Christian business owner whose faith is growing, it is his duty to run the business in a way the helps the entire community: owners, workers and customers.  When we take this Christian business revolution seriously, we will see a change in the way we do business and the way everyone in our business lives.

Christian Entrepreneurs Series

In this series we will discuss Christian business leadership and what it could look like to have spirituality, especially Christianity, active and living in the workplace:

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