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Branding is all about creating a feeling and helping your customers connect to your business.  In many ways we use images to communicate.  Plus, we should always be using stories with lots of imagery to communicate what we do as a Christian business owner.

Just look at Christianity.  We have crosses, crowns of thorns, doves, empty grave, burning bush, etc.  Each of those images comes with a story.  Just seeing one of those images takes you directly into the midst of the story that it came from.  When I say burning bush, many people see Charlton Heston from the Ten Commandments because that image is so prevalent.

Looking at imagery in the Bible

Stories stick in our minds better than most anything.  That is why we tell stories to our children.  We can look back at the Jews and see a rich tradition of story.  The Bible narrative is still used today to communicate wisdom, learning and faith.

Look at the verse we shared in our article on colors and the Bible:

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

Do you ‘see’ the white snow? Can you ‘see’ the white wool of a baby lamb?

Those words create images in our brains.  This simple sentence creates an image of overcoming sin and hints at the coming of a sacrificial lamb.  There is so much in this simple sentence.

Bringing imagery to your business

What about your business?  How can you use images and story to communicate what you do?

Start with something simple, your story.  Tell why you got into business and how your business makes the world a better place.  You can type it and post it on your webpage.  Or, if you are bold enough, you can record it and put it on Youtube.

A video is a series of images.  When people hear your voice and see your face, you become an image that conveys a story.  It is a powerful medium to communicate.  When it is used properly, it is the narrative that sticks in our brain and can connect well with customers.  It communicates feelings, thoughts and human interaction.  Your story can be a powerful tool to connect to your customer.

Bringing images to your business

If we look back at our Bible verse, we see the images of snow and wool.  It is contrasted with the colors of scarlet and crimson.  The contrast communicates the change we go through when we start a relationship with Jesus.  The images give us a mental picture of something being clean and fresh, even though those words are not used.

What images do people associate with your business?  If you work in the technology field, they may think about computers.  However, the images are much, much more than that.  Your image may communicate power, speed, cutting edge, inexpensive or simplicity.  Just look at Apple Computers.  They convey innovation, not just computers.

I worked on a sign design for a self-storage company.  I had to convey that customer belongings would be safe and that they could trust this company.  We created the sign in a strong yellow color and put a red castle image that encompassed the sign.  Just the image of a castle said everything we wanted to say.

Taking it into your business as a Christian

Branding is communication.  You want to make sure that your words, images and stories all line up to communicate in a way that customer will connect to your business.  It does not have to be flashy to get attention, nor does it need to have a cross to communicate the love of Christ.  Your images should be something that your ideal customer can relate to.

Take a moment today and look at the images on your webpage, brochures and signs.  Remove all the words and just focus on the pictures. What do the images communicate?  Are you showing the results of people using your products or does it just display what your company looks like?  Are your images pointing to your story?

Challenge: I highly recommend telling your story on video if at all possible.  It is not hard.  You can use your smart phone and it can be directly uploaded to Youtube.  Just talk to the camera as if you are talking to your best friend or as if you were telling your story to your best customer.  Make it friendly and conversational.

If you take the challenge, we would love to hear your business story. Send us a message on our contact page with a link to your story video and we may highlight it in one of our blogs.  If you don’t want to be highlighted, just let us know. We would still love to hear your story.

Your story is the most powerful communication tool you have.

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