Why are you in business?

What events, skills, people or situations brought you to a point where you wanted to start your own business?

Have you really ever stopped to think about it recently?

There was some spark that happened deep inside you.  There was a whisper or a shout and it came from the center of your core.  It came from God.

It may have been a person, it may have been a situation, or you may have fell into a great opportunity.

Whatever it was, God allowed just the right situations in your life to come together to bring you to the place you are today.

After you have been in business for a while, you forget your why.  The story fades out and you begin to get busy doing all the things it takes to run a business.

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You may be running around and doing a lot of things, but your business is not growing.  You are too busy putting out fires to prevent fires and you find yourself worn out.

It does not have to stay that way.  Simply, return to your “Why” and find your true purpose.  Think back to why you got into business in the first place.

God called you into your business.  He has given you the opportunities to impact lives.

When you are running around doing a lot of things, but not accomplishing much, get back to your main reason.

Bring who you are back into the business.  Look at what God did to bring you to this place and revisit what God wants for you in your business.

What purpose did God place in your life and what does He want from His business?

Remember God is behind the why and He created you to do good works.  Fulfill your purpose and impact lives for the Kingdom.

This is Rev. Lyle, with Christian business revolution, go and be blessed and be a blessing.

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