How to sell on social media as a Christian business owner

I talk to a lot of business owners who think if they create a social media page thousands of people will find their page and begin buying from them.  It does not quite work like that.  Building a social media is a lot like dating.  You have to get to know someone, share some interests, and once things are going well, bring them home to meet the folks.


Get to know someone on social media

Think back to your first date.  It was probably a bit awkward, but you got through it.  You shared some corny jokes, talked about random things and tried to put your best foot forward.  You probably dressed nicer than you usually do because you wanted to impress your date.

In social media, you have to ‘look good.’  You should have a great profile picture.  Consider making that picture the your face instead of your business logo.  People buy from people.  In your picture, smile and be engaging, just like you would on a first day.  If you use your logo, make sure it is a professional logo and it is formatted to fit the profile picture size.

Then, there is your header.  It is the image that goes across the page on your social media channel.  Make sure the image is professionally created.  You want to highlight what you do for your customers.  Make them feel good and give them a reason to come back.  Instead of saying “we make the best widgets,’ consider saying, “Save time and money with the best widgets.”  It puts the message in terms of value and benefits.

That brings us to the text on your social media.  Make sure your profile is filled out completely.  Fill out your ‘about’ section or ‘description’ with as much detail is necessary.  Again, use words that create value and show benefits to your customers.  You can brag on your business, but put it in terms that relates to your customers.  Remember, this is your first date with them, so we want to talk about them as much as possible.


Share some interests on social media

One your first few dates with someone, you start to notice things that you have in common.  It could be books, movies, sports teams, food types, etc.  Part of the reason we have a conversation on a date is to get to know that person.  The more we know, like and trust them, the more likely we are to continue to date them.

As far as social media, you want to get to know your customers.  Look at a few of their profiles.  Look at the pages that they have liked.  Do you see any patterns?  Maybe a lot of your customers have liked a page about Dalmatians.  Even though your business has nothing to do with dogs, you can post pictures of Dalmatians and use those pictures in your postings.

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You want to engage customers with funny quips, interesting stories, and newsworthy information.  Just think about your second, third or fourth date.  Hopefully, you began getting into deeper conversations.  You started sharing interests and ‘letting your hair down’ a bit.  You started to show your personality.

On social media, you are creating a personality for your business.  It is all about culture.  Look at what larger brands have done to create the culture.  Coke creates a culture of happiness, even though they sell soda.  Apple creates a culture of innovation even though they are producing the same products that other companies have already created.


Bring them home on social media

Once you really get to know someone and you are connecting with them, you bring them home to meet your family.  This is a scary time because you don’t know if your Mom will bring out those embarrassing baby pictures or if your date will see those horrible junior high photos on your wall.

On social media meeting the folks is telling your customers what you offer and dealing with customer service issues.  You don’t bring a first date home to meet Mom, just like you don’t try to sell on social media every time you post.  Use social media to build relationships.  Then, after the customer gets to know you, decides to like you and thinks they can trust you, then and only then, can you sell to them.

I suggest posting ten or more interesting, education, and entertaining posts to every one sales post.  Make sure you are looking at trends and giving your customers a reason to come into your business.  Once you have put in the efforts to build the relationship, it will be natural for them to come to your business when they need what you have.  And, they will tell their friends.

Social media is like dating. You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date! Click To Tweet 



Social media is like dating.  You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, just like you don’t ask someone to buy from you the first time they are introduced to you.  If you have something they need, and you show that you can solve a problem, the sales will come naturally.  Don’t be shy about selling, but only after you have built some relationships with your customers.

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