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I get this question a lot as a business coach.  The answer is easy, post things that you like.  If something draws you in and gets your attention, it will probably get the attention of the people looking at your social media.

“But what about my business social media account? What should I post on that?”

The answer is easy, post things that you like.  If something draws you in and gets your attention, it will probably get the attention of the customers who view your business account on social media.

Social media is for building relationships and showing that you are an professional in your industry. Click To Tweet

Social media is about building relationships and setting your authority as a professional in your industry.  Your customers are real people and turn to social media to catch up with friends and the world.  You want to be there as a trusted friend not a hyper salesman.

Posting on social media does not have to be about your business.  Let me repeat that, social media posting does not have to be about your business.  Yes, you will post about your business and interesting things happening in your industry, but you want to post things that interest your customers.

Christian business owners post what interests their customers

Customers are people too.  They have the same likes and desires as we do.  The even have some of the same quirky humor that we have.  So, why not post things that you think they would enjoy?

When you are on Youtube and find a fun video, feel free to post it on your business social media account.  When you run across a new technology, interesting new story or just a really touching photograph, post it on your social media.

You will probably find that your followers enjoy a lot of the same things that you enjoy.

Christian business owners post relevant information

When you are posting for your business, post things that fit your interest category.  In other words, if I had a chiropractic clinic, I would post about healthy eating, exercises, humor, life tips, etc.  These are things that people who come into my clinic would be interested in.

On that note, I want to be seen as a professional.  I would post new scientific findings about chiropractic practices.  I would post interesting things that I have learned about the bones and the results of being under chiropractic care.


The point is, social media for your business is not about selling.  It is about building relationships and being seen as the ‘go-to’ person in your industry.  Posting on social media keeps you at the top of mind awareness in your customers minds.  That means, when they come to the point of needing services you provide, you will be the first person they think about.

What do you post on social media?  Post things that you would like to see and things your customers would most likely want to see, share and like.

In our next article, we will show you how to come up with ideas to post on your social media.

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