Navigate situations where unethical requests conflict with Christian principles.

Proverbs 10:9 – “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” (NIV)

As Christian business owners and entrepreneurs, we are called to live out our faith not only in our personal lives but also in our professional endeavors. In today’s world business ethics are often compromised for the sake of profit and staying true to our beliefs can present some ethical dilemmas. How do we navigate these challenges while upholding our Christian values?

In the book of Proverbs, we are reminded of the importance of integrity in all aspects of our lives. Integrity should be the foundation of our businesses. We must strive to conduct our business dealings with honesty, fairness, and transparency, even when faced with difficult decisions that may test our values.

Example: Maria is a Christian entrepreneur who runs a small online boutique selling handmade jewelry. One day, a supplier offers her a discount on a shipment of gemstones if she pays in cash and doesn’t report the transaction for tax purposes. Maria is tempted by the financial savings but knows that this goes against her Christian beliefs of honesty and integrity. After praying about the decision, Maria decides to decline the offer and choose to pay the full price with proper documentation. Though it may have been a short-term gain, Maria knows that staying true to her beliefs will ultimately lead to long-term success and blessings in her business.

One of the key principles that guide our ethical decision-making as Christian business owners is the concept of stewardship. We are called to be good stewards of the resources and opportunities that God has entrusted to us.

This means that we must not only use our resources wisely but also treat our employees, customers, and stakeholders with respect and fairness.

Another important aspect of staying true to our Christian values in business is the concept of servant leadership. We are called to lead our businesses with humility, compassion, and a servant’s heart. We should strive to serve our employees, customers, and community with love and kindness, seeking to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Example: Ron is a Christian business owner who runs a construction company. When faced with a decision to lay off employees due to financial challenges, Ron chooses to take a pay cut himself instead of letting go of his employees. By putting the needs of his employees first and sacrificing his own comfort, Ron demonstrates servant leadership in his business. Though it may have been a difficult decision, Ron knows that his actions align with his Christian values and will ultimately lead to a stronger, more loyal team.

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