As Christian business owners, we sometimes get conflicted about our faith versus our business.  We have to ask ourselves how do we present our business and still be true to our faith?


Quick story about MLM

I used to be in a large famous network marketing business or MLM (Multi-level Marketing).  I loved the encouragement and training they provided.  It was the first time in my life I was able to be around successful people.  It was in this MLM that I learned the power of information and the fact that I could be a success.

I would go to church on Sundays and rallies on Monday.  My week was primed with God and success.  As I begin to ‘spread the word’ about MLM, I began feeling a nudge in my spirit.  I began to wonder, “Shouldn’t I be telling them about Jesus, not trying to get them into my business?”


Crisis of faith

When we are in an MLM or just excited about our business, we want the whole world to know about it.  We see the opportunity and want to get more people to see the opportunity.  It is not a bad idea, but we must keep everything in perspective.

I saw too many people ‘run through’ all of their friends trying to get them into MLM and never once thought about sharing Christ with those same people.  Now their friends avoid them and they have lost a great opportunity.  Don’t get me wrong, sharing about your business is not a bad thing it is the way we share about our business that makes a difference.


Change of thinking

If we go to all of our friends and talk to them about our business just to ‘run through’ our presentation, we are doing a disservice.  Sure, part of your training is about getting the presentation down for presenting your business opportunity whether you are in MLM or digital or traditional business.  However, our focus should be on the person and their needs, not our needs to get them into our business.

See, if we start with the presentation and the fact that we want someone to be part of our business, we miss the opportunity to get to know that person and help them.  The same thing works with evangelism.  If we run up to people just to get through our presentation about Jesus, we miss the point.  Our focus should be love: getting to know the person.  When we get to know them we can help them take the next steps they need and then we only present what they need at the time.  That is how we become a success.

Here at Christian Business Revolution, I want us to have a people-focused, God-centered business.  That means we look at how we can help others in the light of the purpose that God has placed in our lives.  Then, we can present whatever opportunity that person may need.  They may need a job, they may need a business, they may need products, they may need Jesus or they may just need a hug.



If you want to be a Christian business owner in MLM or any kind of business, focus on the needs of others.  Zig Ziglar says, “You can get everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  That is where we should start . . . helping other people.

When we have our lives lined up with God and our minds focused on how we can help people, we will see new opportunities for our business.  We will see how God wants to touch lives and use us as His vessel to bring His love to this world.  Just follow the example of Paul and make your business your mission field.

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