Do you want to Discover your MISSION, Define your BRAND and Create a powerful CULTURE?

Do you want to be able to grow your Business AND your Faith at the same time?

As Christian Business Owners, it is crucial that we line up our business with biblical standards.  We want to make sure everything we do is lined up with God’s will so we can better impact our community and our family.

Seriously, when was the last time you read a business book or heard a business podcast that made you cringe because of the stuff they were saying?

And on the other side, when was the last time you heard a great motivational Christian who said a lot of words, but there was no impact directly on your business?

It’s time we have applicable training, centered in God’s word and covered in prayer.  It’s time we had training that helps us impact more people and better line up our actions with God’s will for our business.

In this 5 day challenge, we will go through the FOCUS framework for our business.  We will learn to focus our hearts and minds on God’s will AND how that can directly impact our business.


Christian Entrepreneur

Rediscover Your Fire, Your Mission and Your FOCUS!

5 Day Business Makeover
Challenge for Christians

Who Is This Challenge For?

The busy entrepreneur who’s STRUGGLING to grow their business without spending more time IN the business . . .

The founder who wants to create a company CULTURE that attracts people of integrity . . .

The business owner looking to create a powerful VISION and MISSION for their business . . .

The entrepreneur who is looking to PIVOT or change directions in their business . . .

ANYONE who wants to grow their business and brand on biblical standards!

Who Is This Challenge NOT For?

Those who have not started a business. (We can help you in that area as well, but this challenge is not for you.  Feel free to send us an email to info@christianbusinessrevolution.com.)

Those wanting to get rich quick without the work. (We believe God can release treasures, but we have found He is more likely to release treasures to those who are working for it. . .remember the parable of the tenants in Matthew 25:14–30?)

Anyone who does not have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. (We’d love to share more with you, but this challenge is for people who have already made a decision to follow Jesus in their life and in their business.)

It’s time for a REAL Business Challenge for REAL Christians!

If you’re an entrepreneur on Facebook, you’ve probably seen hundreds of challenges.  Some promise you tons of money with little work.  Others promise leads only to rehash the same thing you’ve probably seen in a Youtube video.  This is NOTHING LIKE THOSE.  This is  NOT your typical challenge hosted on Facebook with all the distractions built in.

What makes our challenge different?

To start with, we will be hosted on a special platform that allows us to have forums where we can talk to one another in a mastermind type setting.  We will have chat functions to keep everyone up to date and all participants can talk to one another.  We will have places where you can share pictures of your challenge and our videos will be right on the page.

We will also be hosted by a business coach that is an ordained minister with twenty years experience in ministry AND business.  Our leader coaches business owners across the US with biblical standards.

1. Daily Business Bible Study

Start off each day of our challenge the right way; in God’s Word.  We will start the day with one of our 2 minute Bible studies sent via audio so you can listen in as you drive or get ready.  Each study is directly from God’s word and focused on business.

2. Daily Spiritual Motivations

Each day will have a spiritual focus that goes with our practical business focus.  We will focus on the disciplines of a Christian life like: discipleship, prayer, Bible study, etc.  There will be worksheets and practices for your “CEO God” time.

3. Daily Business Training

We will have a FOCUS  business training of 20-30 minutes followed by group coaching  where we dive deep in your business.  We will focus on branding, messaging and online strategies that you can implement this week.

And that’s not all . . .

When you join our beta group you’ll also get added to our Christian Business Revolution Faith Membership which includes:

  • Christian Business Foundations of the Bible Study
  • Christian Business Manifesto
  • Christian Business Desktop Wallpapers

Plus, we’ll even include the following just for being part of our beta group at no additional charge:

  • 30 seat event module just like we will use for the challenge (included with your registration)
  • FTC Guardian to produce up-to-date legal sheets you need to keep your website out of legal trouble (given at the end)
  • Specialized training on design and a free tool that you can use to produce all the graphics you need (special members only training) 

As you can see, this is not some fly-by night group throwing out some rehashed content.  This is all original content being shared to help you in your business.

Honestly, the FTC Guardian alone is a value of over $300.  The last time we trained on design people told us they would have paid $800 for that training alone… and when you add on some of the bonuses, we could easily charge $2,000 or more.  I’ve even been told that we should be charging $1997 for this kind of hands on training course, but I wanted to make it affordable to anyone in business.

You get the complete five day business makeover challenge and all the things listed above not for $297, but only $27!

Seriously, just to meet with our main leader for one hour would be worth ten times that price and some of you will be receiving one on one evaluations of your projects.
This is a powerful training with powerful results, not because of our leader, but because of our CEO, God!

I prayed hard about this and had a long “CEO God” time.  I wanted to offer it for free, but we all know with free events, there is no reason to get in and do the work.  With that being said, if you can’t afford $27, you need this challenge now, more than ever.  Stop going to Starbucks for a week; turn off Netflix for a couple of months; or do whatever it takes to be part of this challenge.

I’ve been there.  I know what it takes to grow a business and if you sign up and don’t feel you got your $27 worth of value and then some, I’ll give you your hard earned money back.  I just ask that you let me know within 7 days of ending the challenge so I can be a good steward of the money that God provides.

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