Christian business owners need a fun way to organize and collaborate on ideas and projects.  Meet Trello.


What is Trello?

Trello is a free online tool to help organize your thoughts and projects.  Their page boasts, “Trello helps teams of all sizes work collaboratively to get more done.”  Basically, it is a board type site/app that allows you to create lists and cards to manage projects.

It doesn’t stop there.  Each card can be given a checklist, due date, color tabs, images and you can even attach documents.  The power comes when you can assign specific people to specific cards, or tasks.  Think of it like one of those cork bulletin boards.  You post cards under each person’s name so they know what they are responsible for and when they are done with their part, they put it on your section of the board so you can make progress on the project.


What can I do with Trello?

Personally I really enjoy the flexibility of moving cards to different boards and assigning tasks.  I have used Trello to organize a virtual worker.  I have used Trello to work on large product releases.  I have used Trello to capture and create blog posts.  I have even used Trello to design web pages, hold workers accountable, mentor, coach, and so much more.

Because Trello is also an app, you can tie it into your phone, tablet or computer.  You have it wherever you go.  Start with a basic list of things that need to be done.  Add a card for each project.  Assign each card to a specific person.  (You may need to invite them first.) It’s that simple to start collaborating with workings, friends or clients.


How to use Trello

Start with a free account.  Feel free to upgrade to ‘Gold,’ but for most of us the free plan works fine.

It will give you a sample board where you can get to know the system.  In the board, it highlights all the features and includes some great tutorials.  They have three boards, basics, intermediate and advanced.  Start by going through the basics so you know how to use it.

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Then, pick a single project that would gain benefit from using a system like Trello.  Create a new ‘board.’  Invite a worker, client or friend by adding ‘members’ at the right side.  Then post three ‘lists’ to organize your project, if they are not already created for you:

  • To be done
  • Doing
  • Done

Then add cards for each section of your project.  Let’s say you are rolling out a new product or book.  You may create a card for packaging, production, marketing, etc.  Put checklists and due dates as necessary to keep your project moving forward.

Now you are on your way to becoming a collaborative genius!



Christian business owners, just like anyone else, need to have a system to help keep them organized.  You can use bulletin boards, day timers, etc., but why not use an electronic version that goes with you wherever you go.  Trello makes collaboration easy and fun, plus it is free.  There aren’t a lot of business tools this powerful for this price.

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