growing business skillsBusiness grows as you grow gifts, talents and skills.

It may be weird to think about, but as your gifts and talents grow, so does your business.  God built you to grow and He wants you to excel in all you do.

Let’s think of a ladder.  You have to take a few steps up to get dishes from the top shelf.  A few more steps up and you are changing a light bulb.  A few more steps and you are out of the house and on your way to the roof.

It’s the same you and the steps.  The ladder may be different, but the steps are the same.  You put one foot in front of the other.

Business is much the same way.  You only need a few skills to get started.  As you reach higher destinations, you need to add a few more steps.  Then, when you are ready to really grow past the ceiling, you must step outside and really climb.  You must push yourself and have a sturdy system to take you where you want to be.


How are you doing in developing new skills to take you to the next level? 

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