holiday salesBlack friday . . . cyber monday . . .it all amounts to hurrying to get the next best deal.

What if we built a business based on God’s principles?  What would happen if people trusted our business so much that they did not even think about going somewhere else no matter what kind of sales were going on?

I am not saying we should not be competitive, but our competitive advantage is the way we care for people.  It is the way that God’s love shines out of our business and into the lives of others.

I am not saying I have all the answers.  I am saying we need to rethink how we use holidays to sell more stuff.  Our focus should always be on the way we care for others and share the love of God.  If our customers know that, we don’t have to entice them with the next big sale.  Instead, we can honor them with their committed loyalty and help them make a great decision.

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