LinkedIn tips and strategies

Christian business owners use LinkedIn to grow their business by taking consistent action.  So what do you do?  Here are some tips and strategies for LinkedIn.

We’ve talked about setting up our profile professionally and completely.  Then, we talked about starting strategies to get your page seen and start connecting. Make sure you review those posts before digging in to today’s post.

Today, we follow up with some specific tips and strategies to engage on a continual basis on LinkedIn. Each week, or each day, take just a few minutes to engage on LinkedIn to keep your profile active and in front of customers and potential partners.  Here are some strategies that will only take one to three minutes for any one of them.  Choose one or two LinkedIn strategies each day and change it up to make sure you do each one at least once a month.

  • Accept any connections and thank them for connecting.  Be sincere and make the comment relevant to that person.
  • Ask for endorsements and endorse your connections.  You can do a couple of these each time you log in.
  • Find one person to connect to and send a message that is specific to them.  Don’t settle for the suggested message, be personable and professional.
  • Update your profile.  Each time you update your job, picture, etc., your connections will be alerted.  It is a great way to stay on top of people’s minds.
  • Share content from your blog.  Having a blog for your business is a great strategy and LinkedIn gives you a great platform to share that information.  You can link to the content, or you can create content specifically for LinkedIn directly in LinkedIn.
  • Re-connect with someone on your list.  If you have hundreds of people in your connections, send a simple message or comment on their profile.  Rotate to make sure you connect with each person in a specific given time frame.
  • Pray for your connections.  As you go through your list daily, take time to pray for people.  If you know that person well and they are a believer, send them a message telling them you prayed for them (be specific).

As Christians, we should be a breath of fresh air to the world.  People should ‘smell’ God on everything we do.  Make your LinkedIn encouraging and enlightening.  You don’t need to preach, but show love with a caring attitude and actions that go beyond the surface.

Make connections where you can, refer people and don’t let anyone feel they are alone in this world.  Remember, you may be the only Jesus someone on LinkedIn meets!  Use these strategies and you will get noticed more and you will build your influence, and hopefully, grow your business.

I’m rooting for you.


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