Christian Business Manifesto

We spend a majority of our time in the workplace.  After work, we attend the work places of others: stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.  Every part of our lives is touched by business.  Yet, we claim that the one hour of ‘church’ is enough to impact the world for Christ. This is not good enough!

As Christian Business Owners we need to understand and use our influence.  We need to be setting the example for others and impact this world for Jesus Christ.  

Christian business manifesto

When will Christians have enough impact that the world steps up and takes notice of our God and our beliefs?  When will Christians be the voice that people turn to when things get tough?

It will happen when we let go of the reigns to our business and turn to God to be the leader of everything we do.  It will happen when we step into God’s word and run our businesses like God wants of us.

I want to call you to the Christian Business Revolution.

Some may call the Christian Business Revolution an AWAKENING, but I think we are awake.  We just don’t know what to do about it. 

Look, this website is not a social club for the ‘holier than thou’ leaders, nor is it a monastery for those who want to hide their message.  This is a revolution to take your light into the world.  It is a social revlolution calling Christian business owners to step up and dig into God’s word. 

If you want to honor God more wholeheartedly in your business, join us.

You can start simply by joining our newsletter. Each week we will send you a Bible Study directly from God’s word. It’s only two minutes, but it’s impact on your business could be extraordinary.

Or if you are bold enough, you can join our free membership where you will have access to a challenging 7 week Bible study for Christian business owners.

In our membership, you also have a Bible study for you to LEAD.  You can take to your church to reach more business people, or you can be bold and take the Bible study to your business and build leaders…build disciples.


Why we need a revolution in the way Christians Do Business!

 As Christian business owners, we must become the leaders that God has called us to be. 

We are leaders in business and it is time the Christian leaders in business step up to the platform that God gave us to proclaim His message.

We proclaim His message in the way we do business, the way we treat our employees, the way we treat your customers and the way we treat the community.

You are an ambassador for Christ in your business and in your community.

As Christian business leaders, we must be ‘God in flesh’ to the world around us.  We must become the face of Christ because Christ lives in us and works through us.

We must come to the point that we realize that our business is God’s business all the time.

As a Christian business owner, we are called to love those around us.  We don’t have to accept what they do or what they call a lifestyle, but we must accept that God created them and He loves them. “God is Love.”

To exclude people from your business is to exclude an opportunity to be light.  Where does it end?  If we don’t serve those who we consider sinners, then we can close our doors because all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

Look at how Jesus treated sinners.  He did not call them out for their sins and offer punishment.  He took time to understand them and showed them the way by His actions.

Look at what happened when the religious leaders brought a sinful woman before Jesus.  They wanted to kill her by stoning according to their religious laws.  Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”  Then, He simply told her, “Go and sin no more.”

If you want to be part of the revolution, the first step is to dig into the Word of God and find out what it actually says about our business, our lives and our faith.

You’ll soon discover that most, if not all, of the great leaders in the Bible were business owners. Moses, Abraham, and David all owned livestock.  Daniel was a government official.  Jesus was a carpenter!

Remember always, be blessed and be a blessing!
-=Rev. Lyle


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