rusted car lesson about business


Have you ever seen a car that looked great on the outside, but inside it had no motor, the dashboard was ripped out or the seats were trashed?  As Christian business owners, we have to take care of the inside.

This first car I bought was on old green Buick, had rust spots on the sides and the windshield had been shot out by a jealous wife. (True story!)  It was a great car because the engine was super strong.  It is what is inside that counts much more than what is on the outside.

I have heard character defined as what you do when no one else is looking.  I want to take it a step further.  Character is what you think and no one else hears.

Character is much deeper than actions.  It is our feelings, attitudes, and self-talk.  It is everything that goes through our mind when things don’t go like we planned.


Rustiness in real life

I have been on mission trips many times.  Usually we get to help build a house or church.  On these trips, I have heard many Christians stub their toe or smash their finger only to let our words that would make Satan blush.  Those words come out of a well-spring inside of that person.

Yes, we live in a fallen world and we hear all kinds of language.  That language is bound to creep into our minds, but what we do with it from there makes all the difference.  If we accept those words, they become part of who we are.  If we reject those words and recognize that those words do not add glory to God, then we have control over our tongue.

This is not a post about cussing or cursing. It is about who we are deep inside.  Character is at the root of all we are.  It is down deep where no one sees.  It shows up in our dreams, doubts and desires.


Keeping the rust away

I don’t want this post to be too long, so let’s get to the point.  What do you think about when the day is done and you get to ‘let your hair down?’  Those are the moments that tell us who we are inside.

If you are not feeding your heart, mind and soul by reading God’s word, the Bible, you are filling your heart, mind and soul with the world.  It is not hard to figure out.  Do you put more of God in your life or more of the world?

Think about how much time you spend watching TV, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, etc.  Compare that amount of time with how much time you spend reading God’s word, reading Christian blogs (like this one), and listening to God’s people through music or video.

You don’t need to be a monk and find a cave or anything.  You just need to build more of God into your life than you do of the world.  Don’t feel guilty and not take action.  Step up and start discovering more of what God wants in your life.

Take Action:

Make a commitment to spend a little time each day reading God’s word, praying for your business, or listening to Christian music or videos.

We have a no cost faith membership here at Christian Business Revolution.  Each week we share a Bible study that is focused on God’s word and business.  You can read it and even download the audio to use on your tablet, phone or computer for free.  Go ahead and sign up today and get your business pointed in the right direction . . .towards God! (Click here to learn more about the Christian Business Faith Membership.)

Character is deeper than actions. It is our feelings, attitudes, and how we bring God into our world. Click To Tweet
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