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In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 4:16

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Today we look at a powerful prayer in Ephesians.  Paul is talking to the church, specifically those who are not Jew.  He starts by talking about the Mystery of Christ.  That mystery is that gentiles, those not Jewish, will be saved through Christ.

Then, he explains how he came to understand his mission for Christ.  He says that “through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” (vs. 12)  Never before had ‘regular’ people been told they were able to have such an intimate relationship with God.

This was one of the most radical ideas of the time.  People never imagined they could talk to God and hear from Him.  In their minds, God only cared about the Jews.  Plus, they thought God only talked to the priests.

Paul clears it up and reminds them that they are members of the same church and “heirs together with Israel.” (vs. 8)  They have the same direct access to God as those who are the most holy of their time.  So do you!

Look at the prayer that Paul shares starting in verse 14.  Paul prays for God’s strength.  He prays that we may understand how great the love of Christ is.  He wants the church, that’s us, to understand that God’s love surpasses knowledge.

When we pray, we think that God is supposed to line up and do what we ask.  The truth is that God does what is best for us for the long term.  God sees the future and knows what is coming next.  He prepares us and uses even the vilest of situations on this earth to bring us to His presence.

As a simple example, you may be frustrated to get a flat tire going to work, only to find out about a huge wreck that you may have been caught in the middle of had you not gotten that flat.

God wants us to have a relationship through prayer with Him.  He wants us to talk to Him and share our lives with Him.  The other side of the coin is to trust in His guidance and know that He is in control not matter what we feel.

As business owners, it is tough to do the right thing all the time, but in reality, that is what God wants from us.  He wants us to live a holy life so that the world may come to know Him through His power working in and through us.

I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 4:16

Go and be blessed and be blessing.


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