prayer for business

Prayer for Business


Thank you God for all the opportunities you have given me in my business.

Thank you for the employees, customers and business I have.

Thank you for my family, community and church.


Let me always feel the passion for Your business.

Show me Your wonderful, powerful Spirit.

May it well up inside of me and show me the next step.

I trust in You to guide my steps.


Help me to see the people you want me to help this week.

Give me a desire to do all that I can today to help one person for Your Name’s sake.

Show me the power of your Spirit working in my life and in my business.


I know that is it is Your business and I want to honor You today.

I commit to take these actions for you today . . . (list what you will do for your business today).


Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayers.

I ask that you guide me by your Holy Spirit.

Let the power of Jesus work in me and through me.

May I bless Your Name today.



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