The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9

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Whenever I get really stressed I go to the Psalms.  I am reminded of David who was literally fighting for his life.  Yet, in the middle of all the troubles that he faced, he always took time to praise God.

Even as Christians, we get stressed by the worries of this world.  In this Psalm we see how to look at life when times get really tough.  David starts by giving thanks to God and recounts all that God has done for him in the past.  Then, he sings.

When was the last time you really sang?  When did you really belt out your voice and sing praises to God?  It may help more than you know.

Next, David remembers all the things that he has overcome.  He sees how God has worked in the past even in the middle of troubles.  He remembers to look back at the things that only seemed big at the moment.

To be honest, when we get stressed and worried, those things come right in front of our face.  They seem huge when we are the middle of troubles and trials.  Yet, when we look back at all the things we have overcome, we see that troubles are only temporary.

We may be stressed about money, employees, family, sickness, or whatever, but we must remember our God is bigger than anything we can handle.  Just look at all that Jesus had to go through when He was on this earth.

I saw a quote that read “We are not called to walk in our strength, we are called to walk in His.”  When we rely on God’s strength we tap into His power to overcome.  We no longer have to worry about doing just the right thing when we know that He is right there with us helping us through any troubles.

I wish I had just the right words to help you when you get stressed, but the only way to get past stress is to let it go.  We have to let God take all the heavy lifting and do what we can.  The cards will fall where they may, but God will be standing by our side no matter where the cards land.

When you take time to think about all the things God has already done and praise Him for all of those things, these momentary trials seems to slip away.  Just take a moment to take a deep breath, smile, and whisper “God’s got this.”

No matter what you are going through, God understands.  He created you to be a wonderful person and He will give you the wisdom you need to overcome anything.  We must simply learn to rely on Him, especially when we are stressed.

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalms 9:9

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