Personal vs business posting- Christian business owner social media training

I was talking to a new friend.  She asked about being “Christian” on her business social media and “letting the cards fall where they may.”  I was concerned that she thought that bringing in her Christian thoughts and beliefs would lessen the impact in her business.

As we talked, I realized that she wanted to post some things that have a lot of controversy right now and that is what she was concerned about.  I told her to post what she wanted on her personal page because it is her beliefs and opinions, but on her business page her views don’t have to be so personal.

She quipped back, “Well, if I post it on my personal page, they can still find me on my business page.”

This started a long talk about using social media as a Christian business owner.  I decided to make this a mini-series of lessons and will go a bit deeper in our growth membership Christian business training.  For now, let me give you some highlights from the conversation and see if it can help you navigate the messy waters of being a Christian when that is not the popular thing to do.

“People can still find me on my personal page.” 

Yes and no.  Yes, people can still find your personal page, but with the privacy settings properly set up, they won’t be able to read your personal posts.  Set up your privacy filter where only your friends can see your posts on your personal page.  Your business page should be wide open for everyone to see.

“I just want to post what I believe and let the cards fall where they may.”

First, you are different from your business.  You should always post your values and standards as a Christian.  If people don’t like that, then they may not be a good fit for your business.  With that being said, you don’t need to only post Bible verses in order to show the love of Christ.

Second, know where you stand and where your business stands.  When it comes to controversial matters you need to be able to separate what you believe as an individual and what your company stands for.  If you truly believe in something controversial, post about it and donate towards organizations that are doing good in that area.  On your business page, you need to decide if that is a battle you want in your business.

Third, don’t be afraid of taking a stand.  There is nothing wrong taking a stand, even in your business.  When you take a stand, you are likely to find others who believe the same.  They may rally to your business because you are willing to take a stand.  Those who are against that stand will not do business with you and that is not a bad thing.

“I can’t separate my personal and my business since I am the business”

OK, on this one I really want to stand firm.  You, as a person, are a Child of God.  You are separate from your business and your business…what you do…does not define who you are.  I know it is hard to separate these things, especially if you are in a service oriented business.  However, your business is a separate entity.  You must define the values of that entity separate from what your personal values.

Let me give a silly, but relevant example.  Let’s say that I believe that wonkas (not a real thing) should be allowed in the workplace.  Everyone has a wonka at home, but they can easily be a distraction at work.  You love your wonka and even carry a picture of it with you in your wallet.  At work, you must focus on your work and accomplishing what you were called to do.  You were not called in your business to help wonkas, you were called in your business to help people.  Those people may or may not care if you have a wonka so there is no reason to mention it as a business.


These are just primers to get you thinking.   The key to using social media is to attract as many ‘like-minded’ followers and get them engaged in your business.  You want to engage their mind and their heart, so share what you feel is relevant for your business.  If you choose to take a stand, do so with wisdom and seek guidance.  Ask a spouse, pastor or Bible study leader for their opinion.

In our next post, we will tackle the subject of posting controversial topics on social media as a Christian business owner.  Click here to read it now.


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