when should I start a business


I work with a lot of business owners at various stages of their business development.  I always see the hesitation on new business owners when it comes to starting their business.

As Christian business owners, we must realize that the spark of entrepreneurship comes from God. The moment you think about a business idea, you must pray and decide if it is something God wants you to do.  If your idea to start your business comes from God, you are literally being disobedient to wait to start your business.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to quit your job and start a business, unless you are sure that is what God wants you to do.  Work your business on the side, during your off time.  Build it little by little until it can support you and your family.  The key is to take action on your dreams before they fade or God gives the idea to someone else.

True stories of business ideas

I recently worked with two budding entrepreneurs.  One of them wanted to start a catering company.  He wanted to get his website started and begin promoting his business.  He put the project off for a month.  At the end of that month, he was released from one of his jobs.

Had he put some time in developing and promoting his business, he probably would have had to quit the job and been able to do much more with his catering business.  I even sent him contact information to a group that was looking for the exact kind of catering that he did, but he was hesitant to contact them.

He is a Christian, but he did not take action on the dream that God put in his life.  He is still offering catering, but he is so busy trying to get a new job that he does not have time or money to develop his business.  If God put this business idea in his heart and he has a passion for cooking, he should be developing a strong foundation for his catering.

Another budding Christian business man wanted to sell bowties.  I won’t give away his unique idea, but he had a great idea and wanted to get his website up so he could sell online.  We talked about figures and ideas.  He wanted to start, but never really took action on his idea.

Four months later, he came to me and shared about layoffs in his job.  He was not laid off, but it could still happen at any moment.  He is worried about his job and has started sending out resumes.  I am saddened by this because if he had taken action on his dream and developed his business, he may not have to worry about being laid off.

Let’s get talk about jobs

Many people get a job because they want to feel secure.  They feel like they have a job where they get paid on a regular basis.  Yet, the reality is that job could disappear at any moment.  There is no real security in a job.  You are exchanging time for money.  Someone else tells you when you can work and how much you are worth.

When you take on the challenge of being an entrepreneur, you decide how much money you are worth.  You get to decide your schedule.  Yes, it takes work and it takes planning, but in today’s digital world almost anyone can be an entrepreneur.  And if God puts a spark in your life to be a Christian business owner, you must take action to be obedient to him.

My challenge to you

If you are thinking about starting a business, take action today.  Do some research, look up some similar business types, and begin collecting information.  God placed the idea in your heart and he brought you to this page for a reason.  You are a called with a purpose and that purpose just may be to be a Christian business owner who influences others.

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I would love to help you walk through this process if you are thinking about starting a business.  We will be posting a short series on getting started in business.  Hopefully, it will help give you the courage to take a single step towards your entrepreneurial goals this week. . . maybe even today!

If you want to get on the fast track, consider becoming part of our growth membership.  It is really affordable and you can ask questions about your specific business or idea.  Find out more information on our growth membership.

In the meantime, go to our contact page and ask your questions, share your idea, or just tell us how we can pray for you.

Be blessed and be a blessing!


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