Christian bloggingThis morning my heat did not come on like I expected it.  I was getting chilly so I went to check the thermostat to find out my batteries were low.  Even though it was plugged into the wall, the air conditioning system still needed to have batteries to keep it working.

We have been talking about blogging, but we forgot to mention the power behind what you do.  We are all plugged into the awe inspiring power of God.  Yet, we have to keep our batteries charged up on a regular basis.

Every system in your business, including your blog, should start with prayer.  Ask God, “How can I use this blog post to honor you?”

The true power of any Christian business comes from God and starts with prayer. Click To Tweet

Prayer is the power behind your business.  Prayer is the power that gives the words you use on your blog the energy to connect to people’s lives.

Remember, your blog can show up as a breath of love in a world that is full of negativity.  You don’t have to preach to show the love of Christ, you just have to show how much you care.

Think about this quick instance, Jesus was walking down the road and told Zacheus to come out of the tree so he can go eat with him.  Jesus did not have to preach to show how much he cared.  No one else would dare talk to this ‘sinner,’ but Jesus stepped out of the norm to care for him. (see Luke 19:1-10)

We should all be willing to step out of the norm to care for those around us.  That is what makes Christians different and what makes Christian businesses great.  It may include going somewhere we don’t usually go, writing a blog to help someone or talking to someone in a tree.

Whatever we do, when we start with prayer, we know we are starting right!
Amen and amen!

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