Christian business owners know a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that an icon can communicate ten thousand words?  Find out the power of this free icon tool for your business.


What is IconMonstr?

Icon monster is a collection of over 3,000 icons.  They are simple black and white images that are bold and eye catching.   This website says, “iconmonstr is a free, high quality, monstrously big and continuously growing source of simple icons.”  This page is dedicated to a large collection of picture concepts that communicate ideas.

If you have a smart phone, you use icons everyday. An icon is a simple visual graphic that communicates an idea.  Think of cave drawings.  We all know what the stick figure for man is, right?  That all started with a simple concept of communicating an idea with a simple graphic icon.


What can I do with IconMonstr?

Icons are visual tools.  You can use these tools in presentation, on your webpage, in brochures, in your apps, on your webpage, etc.  These images can be used to teach people to use your product, train your employees, use them for marketing tools to catch attention, and break up busy pages of text on your brochure or online.

Icons have become a great communication tool.  You may have heard of emojis, which are smiling faces, thumbs up and things like that.  People use icons on their phones to communicate how they are feeling.  Why not use the power of these simple images to catch attention and clearly communicate to your audience?  Use an icon in a social media post and it stands out from all the others in its simplicity.


How to use IconMonstr

IconMonstr is a collection of icons.  It can be used with things like Canva, PowerPoint or any other way you are using to relay information.  Icons are a tool and this page hosts a collection of icons that you can use in many other marketing tools to maximize communication.

Start by clicking on “Collections” wonderfully placed at the top with a file icon. (See how they are using their own icons?!)

Pick a category, and look for an idea in that category. Or, you can just click on search, next to the magnifying glass icon.  (Can you visualize a magnifying icon before you see the picture below?).

free business tools icons


Once you find the icon you want, click on the license agreement, then click the download button.

free business tools icons



Icons communicate ideas.  If you can plant an idea in the head of your audience, you can have a customer for life.  That idea become synonymous with your brand and every time someone sees the image your icon represents, they will think of you and your business.

Icons are meant to be simple, so keep it that way.  One icon for one idea.  You can use a simple sequence of icons to convey a series of training or thoughts.  You can even use icons to accent your already powerful marketing by attaching each service, idea or product to a simple icon.

Lastly, IconMonstr does not have religious icons.  These are simple business icons to help communicate business ideas to your customers, employees and owners.

Note: You can NOT use the icons from this page for logos. Make sure you read the license to see how these can be used.  Contact the page owner if you have any questions.

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Additional Resource: Another great resource for icons is: http://www.iconarchive.com/  They have colored icons and lots of different categories including religious.


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