Christian business giftsThe Bible is full of failures yet each of those failures accomplished something great.

Look at Samson.  He had powerful strength.  He had the blessings of God, but he rejected them for a woman.  He was blinded and made to work hard without his strength.  But he turned back to God and in his last final breath brought down the enemies of God.

I love the story of Samson.  The ending is tragic, but it did not have to be.  Imagine what could have been accomplished if Samson had stayed in line with God. What if he had lined his life up the way God had planned: how much more would he have done for the Kingdom?

God gives us gifts.  We can choose to use our gifts for our own personal desires or choose to use them for God’s purposes.

You have a choice today.  Do you use your gifts to build God’s kingdom?  Do you build your business on the principles that God gave you?  Do you satisfy eternity before you satisfy yourself?

Make decisions based on eternity and the present will always point towards God. #ChristianBusiness #ChristianEntrepreneur Click To Tweet
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