Christian Business Ethics and Church

Where does Christian business fit in with the church? The short answer, Christianity in the workplace enhances church.

Many people have said that the church is the only place for Bible study, prayer and worship.  I would heartily disagree.  In the biblical times, the church met in houses.  Many of those houses were big enough to hold a group because a business was run from that house.

If Christian entrepreneurs lead Bible study for their employees, it enhances the knowledge each of those people take with them back into the church.  Many of them may arise as leaders in their church because of the leadership they learn at the workplace.  If they are filled up in Bible study at work, they may pour into the lives of others at church.

Ultimately, our goal should be to guide our employees to dig deep in Bible study for themselves.  They will learn the value of personal Bible study and prayer as you, the Christian business leader, shows them how easy and practical it can be in life and in business.

Should the Christian business owner go to church?

This should not even be a question, but I have heard many business leaders lament that when they go to church they are distracted by how poorly the church is handled.  They look at the finances and the leadership of the church through the eyes of a business leader instead of through the eyes of community.

If your church is poorly administrated and you recognize it, help out.  You have the gifts of leadership, organization, and administration that may be needed in the church.  Jump in there and volunteer to help out.  You must follow the leadership and authority of the church, but many churches jump at the chance to have a strong leader helping in their church.

Honestly, if you don’t go to church because it distracts you from worshipping God, then, maybe you need to find a new church.  Look for a church where you can serve and connect in community and worship.

What about giving to the church?

Again, this question should be a no-brainer, but people think that if they buy Bibles at work for people, that should come out of their giving to church.  Don’t do that.  Yes, buy Bibles for people at work who need them, but you should give at least ten percent of your earnings to God, through the church.  We will have a whole lesson on tithing later, but let’s keep it simple.

Yes, you can give to missions, missionaries, and other helpful Christian organizations, but do that over and above your ten percent, tithe.  Most businesses can give significantly more and there is something amazing that happens when you start to look at how you can help with the needs around you.  It is counterintuitive, but when you give you will get so much more in return.

What about serving at church?

I have actually heard people say that since they are teaching Bible study at their work, they don’t need to help at church.  I can see both ways on this.  You may need to have a time where you are being ‘fed’ spiritually.  You should be part of a growing Bible study group where you study the Bible and hold each other accountable.  (If you don’t have that, please sign up for our weekly Bible studies.  They are free, focused on your spiritual growth as a business leader and are delivered through your email.)

If you are a gifted teacher, you should be using your gifts to help the church.  I am using the word ‘gifted’ to mean you have a special ability to teach.  Any gift you have comes from God and should be used to serve Him.  There are so many needs in every church, just find where you can best honor God with the time, treasures and talents.

Church is about community even for a Christian Entrepreneur

The church is all about community.  You want to build a community at your work, but you need a community outside of your work.  I have seen too many people have their whole lives so wrapped up in work they could not see the world beyond the doors of their business.  If this is you, seek some help getting your business running in a way that you can get outside the doors of your business.  Contact us if you need some help and we will put you in touch with a great Christian business coach.

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Church is a special place where you get to be a follower as well as a leader.  There is something powerful about submitting to the leadership in a church and letting God guide your spiritual growth through the church.  Your focus at church should be on God and how He is leading your life.

There is a local church for anyone including you and me.  As Christian entrepreneurs, we are used to doing things our way.  The church is a place where we get to learn new ways and connect with new people.

If there is not a church for you, and you honestly evaluated all the churches around you, there may be something wrong with your spiritual life.  If you are strong spiritually, maybe you need to pray about starting a church.

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Christian Entrepreneurs Series

In this series we will discuss Christian business leadership and what it could look like to have spirituality, especially Christianity, active and living in the workplace:

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