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What is an Entrepreneur Coach?

The whistle blows and you find yourself in the middle of the field.  In your hands rests a ball and surrounding you are people coming at you from all angles.  Do you throw the ball? To who?  Do you run? Which way?

Many people find themselves in the middle of the game of life holding a ball called ‘business.’  These business owners frequently find themselves with a new challenge.  Do I ask for more money?  How much?  Do I expand my business? How far?

In each of these scenarios, a coach is called on for direction.  A coach can see a larger view of the entire field.  They see the pitfalls ahead and they are aware of the skills and habits needed to truly succeed.

So, why do you need an entrepreneur coach? In essence, a business coach helps you see the whole field better.  They help you clarify your vision, mission and message.  A good business coach will help you develop the plan of action you need to become the winner you know you can be.

Any decent coach can help you grow your business, as long as they know business and take time to really get to know your goals, skillset and personality.  It’s a wonderful team work between coach and entrepreneur as new levels are reached and all the hard work of practice kicks in and pays off.


Grow your business

What is our process?

STEP 1: Pray about what you need in your business.  The more you identify your needs the better it will be to get started with a good business coach.  Of course, if you can’t figure it out, we are here to help you with that, too.

STEP 2: Meet with our Christian Entrepreneur Coach by Scheduling a quick “Get To Know You”Session.

During our no pitch call, we assess your goals, your needs and where you are in your growth as an entrepreneur and as a Christian.  (Don’t worry, we are not here to judge, but to help!)

STEP 3: Decide based on the valueable insight from your session You can decide to work with us or we may refer you to another resource to get you on the right path.  You may receive just what you needed from this one session.

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Meet with Reverend Lyle for one on one coaching to help you reach your goals.

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We can help from creation to implementation.  If you don’t have an idea, we even have a business for you.

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We can help you streamline your online branding to get better results and get your business growing for you.

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