Christian Business Christmas cardI have heard a lot of people ask this question.  I thought I would share my thought process and hopefully it will help you make a good decision.

As I was walking down the aisles looking at Christmas cards, I saw some really pretty cards.  I usually skip over the santa and elf cards and since I live in Texas, I don’t usually go with the snowmen cards either.

I saw many with the wise men and nativity scenes and I thought, these would be good to share.  When they opened up there were some nice ‘sayings.’  They may say ‘remember the reason for the season” or something like that.

Then, I had to back up.  I had to ask myself, will the people who receive my card ‘get’ the message.  If I am trying to share about the love of God, I don’t know if a clever saying will convey the message appropriately.  In reality, for some people the reason for the season is gifts.

Think about it, most nativity scene Christmas cards are for Christians.  They are not for those outside of the faith and they probably won’t be the catalyst to bring someone to know Christ.

You must decide the purpose of sending Christmas cards. Are you just being nice and sending a well-wishing card?  Are you truly honoring them with a hand-written message specifically for them?  Whatever you do make sure there is a purpose.

Maybe, your purpose is announcing the celebration of a Savior?  Great. Then, make sure your message is clear and not full of Christianese.

We need to look at all of our communication as representing Christ.  If we include a Bible verse, the message is irrelevant if the message is missed because of the context.

If your company is built on Christian values, highlight those values.  You may say something like, “We believe in serving the customer.  Our commitment comes from our Christian faith.  We want to share with you a Merry Christmas.” Then, on the opposite side, have the entire Christmas story right out of the Bible.

If you want to share the Christmas story, share it.  Don’t use a cute and clever saying or a stand alone Bible verse on the back of a card.  Share God’s message, as it was written in God’s word.


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