Our revolution is simple: Elevate Christ in business.

We do this by helping Christian business owners deepen their faith AND grow their business.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Faith Member

[st_row gradient_color=”0% #FFFFFF,100% #000000″ gradient_direction=”vertical” img_repeat=”full” 1=”video_url_mp4″ autoplay=”yes” child_of=”none” div_padding_top=”10″ div_padding_bottom=”10″ div_padding_right=”10″ div_padding_left=”10″ id_wrapper=”elm_5a5e18c76f501″ ][st_column span=”span12″ id_wrapper=”elm_5a5e18c76f4be” ][st_text wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_5a5e18c76ef4d” ]We have a Free Revolution Membership to give you greater insights into God’s word and how you can apply it to your business. With the Free Membership you will receive access to:

  • All previous Bible studies
  • Audio files you can take on the go.
  • Bonus trainings about tools that can help you in your business and/or faith.

If you already signed up for our emails, you will get weekly Bible studies sent directly to your inbox.  These are not ‘normal’ Bible studies, they are revolutionary Bible studies specifically for Christians in business. Here is our basic schedule:

  • On Monday you will receive a verse or thought to start your week off with God.  It’s quick and to the point.
  • On Tuesday, you will get the ‘meat’ of the Bible study.  These will be practical and speak directly from God’s word.
  • On Wednesday, you will get a challenge with applicable steps for your business.  The best way for your beliefs to grow is to put them in action.

Don’t worry if you haven’t signed up yet. When you join the Free Revolutionary Membership you will automatically receive weekly reminders about our Bible studies. You can fee safe about joining us.  Our lists are totally private and only for the Christian Business Revolution. Click on the button below to become a Free Revolutionary Member.[/st_text][st_button el_title=”Sign up Free” button_text=”Sign up for Free Membership” button_type_url=”http://www.christianbusinessrevolution.com/instamember/?insta_pay=free&id=1″ button_color=”btn-primary” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_5a5e18c76f473″ ][/st_button][/st_column][/st_row]

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