I want to introduce Christian business owners to a free tool that can be used for creating graphics and images.  It’s called Canva.


What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic editing tool.  Their site boasts the claim, “Amazingly Simple Graphics Design Software.” You can upload your own photos or use some of theirs. Then, you can put filters (black and white, blur, etc). and add layers of text or other graphics.  Canva gives a bunch of free backgrounds and text so most of the time there is no charge for creating a graphic and downloading it to your computer.


How to use Canva

I won’t go into a bunch of detail.  Canva provides some great training on their site.  Basically, you start by signing up for a free account.

canva-green-buttonOnce you create an account, click on the big green button that says “Create a Design.”  Then, you can choose what kind of design you
are creating.  Scroll through this list to see what a variety you can create.   Note the ones that say “FREE” won’t cost anything.  The ones with a $ sign, will charge a nominal fee for using that design or those graphics.

canva-dashboardOnce you select a design, click on the text or image.  Each one will give you a small set of menus where you can change the image or text.  See the images to view how simple it is: canva-image



You can also create your own design or add to that design by going to the menu at the left side. (See the left side of the main image on top of this post.

  • “Elements” is where you add something.
  • “Text” adds various text designs.
  • “Background: adds a ‘layer’ behind everything as a background image.
  • “Uploads” is where you can place your own images, like your logo or a picture of your business or team.

Note: You don’t need to pay for images to use on sites like this, but you want to make sure you are legally able to use your graphics and images.  Personally, I suggest sites like Pixabay that gives you access to royalty-free images.  That means you don’t have to pay for them or give credit back to the person who created the image.

When you are happy with your completed project, click on the blue “Download” button at the top.

You have just created a totally free image all for yourself, way to go!


What can I make with Canva?

You can make social media graphics, like a top cover for your Facebook or Twitter. You can make and edit images for your blog posts, social media posts, or even for your offline graphics for brochures, business cards, etc.  I even saw designs for resumes, magazines, books, etc.  Go in and explore the possibilities for yourself!



Free online tools helps us maximize our budget while creating quality work.  Canva is a great online graphics tool that can do most anything you need once you learn how the system works.  The best way to learn any tool is to go in and play with it.  Design a few different types of designs, upload some images, add your logo, change some text.


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