how Christian business leaders can inspireHave you ever wondered how you can inspire people in your company?  Many business owners start with their mission statement or vision statement. That brings up the question, should a Christian business owner have a vision or a mission?

Sure, we should have bold inspiring statements.  We must communicate where we are going and how we are going to get there as a business.  Your employees and customers want to know how to operate and ‘why’ your business exists.

However, having too many ‘statements’ can be confusing.  Every business should have a singular focus.  That focus is the foundation to everything you do as a Christian business owner.  Having these statements is just the beginning of inspiring those who work for you.

I believe that every Christian business owner is put on this earth to inspire.  The word ‘inspire’ literally means ‘to breathe into.’   We are to breathe into our employees, our customers, our communities and our families.

When we talk about the word ‘inspire’ most people think about motivational speeches or riveting sermons.   It also means to inspire with action and inspire to action.  What you do is as important as what you say.

Inspire with action

When you take your time to care for an employee who is not feeling well instead of complaining about that person missing, you are inspiring employees by showing you care.  When you take time to listen to the complaints of employees and customers with open and active listening, you are inspiring them by showing they are important.  Everyone wants to feel valued and wants to live with dignity.

On the other hand, if you appear too busy to listen, you are telling your employees they are just a cog in the wheel of business.  If you don’t take time to care when employees are ill, you are telling them they are not valued at your business.

You don’t need to go over board or anything, a simple phone call to a sick employee to tell them that you are praying for them will go far to inspire that employee when they get back.  And taking one idea from any employee and implementing it will help that employee feel like they contributed and their dignity will be raised.

Quick question for reflection: What would your business look like if everyone treated each other like you treat your employees?

Inspire to action

Inspiring to action is a matter of empowerment and edification.  Everyone needs some encouragement, but more so, everyone needs to be challenged.  When an employee gets bored with a job, they leave.  When they are empowered, they are loyal for a long, long time.

I want you to think about those two words.  Empower means that your employees have been given the authority to take action when they need to.  Edify means that you have verbally lifted them up to the place where they can feel confident in being an ambassador for your company.

Yes there needs to be a solid set of guidelines, but every employee should feel like they are contributing to the organization.  The more you train them and pour into them, the better they will operate under your leadership.

Quick question for reflection: Do your employees feel empowered to help your customers?


If you want a strong Christian business, you must take time to develop those around you.  We see examples of this throughout the Bible: i.e. Moses/Joshua and Paul/Timothy.  If you take time to listen and care for those whom you shepherd in your business, you will see a rise of leadership.  Loyalty and respect will become a trademark of your business and the God you serve.

Caring for those you influence in business will create to a rise in leadership, loyalty and love. Click To Tweet
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