The point of business is to add value to the world.  As Christian business owners, our value comes not only from the work we do, but the God we serve.

I wanted to share a fun little clip from the Andy Griffith show.  Here we see Opie asking for a raise in his allowance on the condition he doesn’t have to work for it.

I want to put this video into perspective with business.  I have talked to business owners who want to grow their business, but they are not adding value for their customer.  They are not working hard to create a better customer service or adding additional value to their product or service.  They are just asking for more because that is what other people are doing in their business.

My challenge to you: offer more value.

You work hard for your money and so does your customers.  Put more value out into the world and people will be ready to pay you for the value you add to their lives.

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Hope you enjoyed Andy’s simple wisdom and our short business lesson for today.

Be blessed and be a blessing,

-Rev. Lyle.

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