Spirituality in the workplace: Praise and Worship


How do you allow spirituality in the work place with praise and worship?

This article is one of a series which includes spirituality in the workplace, prayer in the workplace, worship in the workplace, and Bible study in the workplace.  In this article we look at practical ways to include prayer in the workplace.

Praise and worship in the workplace

When we talk about praise and worship in the workplace, we are not talking about replacing the church.  We do not want to have ‘church’ at work, unless God reveals you to start a church.  The goal is to create community of like-minded people who can relax and be intimate with God in a comfortable setting.

I don’t know very many businesses that do worship on a regular basis, but anyone can play songs from a computer and set a moment of worship.  If worship is not part of your culture at work, you can totally ignore this session, but if you read it, you may find a tip that could build a great community at your workplace.

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A word about music styles

I get so frustrated when people start asking which music style they should choose.  The short answer, it depends!  It depends on the work environment. It depends on the age of the workers.  It depends on the culture of the business.  Sometimes it just depends on the preference of the owner.

A skate shop will play different music than a dress shop.  A coffee house will play different music than a manufacturing business.  Whether you play hard rock or flute music, the key is not the style of the music, but the heart of the music.  To keep it simple ask, “Does this music focus on God?”

Contemporary Praise or Hymns

The debate between praise music or hymns is always interesting. I have heard people discount praise music because it sounds too much like ‘secular’ music.  They fail to realize the tune for many of the hymns they enjoy came from tunes frequently sung in a bar, including Amazing Grace!

Again, keep it simple.  Does the music focus on God or on people?  Is the music scriptural?  Does it hold true to the message found in the Bible?

Worship music in the workplace

Introducing worship music into your work place can be a simple as turning on a Christian station in your office or a full-blown Christian concert.  You must decide what, if any, worship fits your people and your setting.  Below are a few ways to integrate worship into the workplace if you want to include it in your business.

  • Playing music in the office: Picking the music you play in the office depends on your environment.  Some people work better without music playing, others love to have loud music blasting.  You can play music in your office or over a speaker system.  Just make sure it is fitting music for your environment and not too repetitive.  You don’t want the same ten songs playing on repeat over and over each day.
  • On site worship time: If you want to offer a worship time, find someone who can sing and play music.  You may find a college student eager to play for you.  You can have a session after work with a simple guitar or have a weekend event where you invite an entire band.  Make sure you check the sound ordinance in your area and apply for the needed licenses before hosting a concert.
  • Off-site worship time: If there is a Christian worship concert near you, offer to buy tickets for anyone who wants to come.  You can carpool together or rent some type of group transportation.  The trip to and from the venue are great group building time and the event will be talked about for days.  You can even invite them to church worship events that happen on days other than Sunday.  One simple idea would be to plan a Christmas lights tour in your city.  Play Christian Christmas music on the tour and invite everyone to sing along.
  • Worship in crisis: There are a lot of bad things that happen in this world and there is comfort in many Christian songs.  If you hear of a crisis worldwide or near you, offer an open prayer session.  If it is a really troubling time, find someone who can sing and lead a few verses of familiar tunes like Amazing Grace.  Be sensitive to those who do not believe like you do.
  • Christian Productions: Worship is more than just singing, so consider attending dramas, plays and other Christian centered events.  Readily publicize them in the workplace and make sure you give specifics to when and if you will attend these events.

Quick wrap up on worship in the work place:

The workplace may not be a place for worship in your setting and that it totally OK.  If it is, do something about it.  If it isn’t, no worries, just be aware when opportunities arise where you can pull together a group.  Worship is a great way to build community and get your employees to create strong relationships.

Again, you can’t penalize anyone who chooses not to attend your Christian events and you can’t reward them either.  It must be totally voluntary and the guidelines must be spelled out so that everyone knows how to dress, what to expect and where to meet.  You must provide specific times and if there is limited seating you may need to coordinate where to sit together.


Christian Entrepreneurs Series

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