10 Tips for Social Media- Christian business owner social media training

Christian business owners frequently ask what they can do to be better on social media.  I decided to to my own top ten list and I even included a couple of bonus tip!

When posting on social media:

  1. Post like you talk: make it personable.

  2. Post things that are interesting, entertaining or educational.

  3. Ask yourself, “Do I really want the whole world to know about this?”

  4. Ask yourself, “What would grandma think?”

  5. Choose one person and every post should talk to that one person.

  6. Choose one social media channel and become great at it.

  7. Don’t post too often: once a week or once a day is fine to start.

  8. Don’t try to sell with every post: ten relevant posts to one selling post.

  9. Make connections by posting things your ideal customer would enjoy.

  10. Engage conversations by joining in on public conversations from your customers.

2 Bonus Tips:

Bonus Tip 1: Plan – Have a theme focused on your customers so you know what to post each month.

Bonus Tip 2: Curate – Open a document and collect the URL of interesting things you find online. You will never run out of ideas.

I hope these help you navigate the muddy waters of social media.

Be blessed and be a blessing,

-Rev H-

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