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As Christian business owners, we need to put information on the internet that our customers want. That is how people find us when they search on sites like Google.

Why not get create the information Google tells us is relevant for our business?

Today I share a simple tool to help you get started.  It pulls information directly from Google and gives you insights about the kind of information your audience, a.k.a. customer, is looking for when they search online.


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What is answerthepublic?

AnswerThePublic is a website that pulls data to give you topics and ideas of the kind of content that your target audience is searching for online.  On their page they describe it like this, “Consumer insight for PR in the Age of Google.”  In other words, it is a combination of what people are looking for and what Google is showing in search engines.


How to use AnswerThePublic

Start with a single keyword that is relevant to your topic.  Put that in the main page in the search bar.   It is the yellow square that has a title that says, “Ask the Seeker.”  Make sure you select your country since each country has its own nuances and phrases.  Click on “Get Questions.”

(Sidenote, look at how creative these guys are.  The ‘seeker’ looks bored until you ask a search.  It’s almost comical to watch when you know why he’s there.)

finding more customers for Christian business owners


Now you come to a screen with lots of images.  These are mind maps of the kind of information people are searching that relates to your keyword.  In my test, I found 117 questions people are asking that is relatable to one of my clients.  They are broken into ‘branches’ based on associated words like “how” and “why.”

You can download any of the images to use in your creation of content for your webpage or you can click on ‘Data.’  Clicking on data will give you the words without the images.  They will show you words in categories based on associated search words like ‘with’ and ‘without.’  Then, the lists go through the whole alphabet to come up with all the relevant words you may need based on  a search of each letter.

At the very top, you can export all of these topics to a csv file.  You can open that file in Excel or in GoogleDocs.  Just delete the topics that are not relevant to your business and use the others to begin creating the type of content your target audience is looking for.

finding more customers for Christian entrepreneurs


People are searching on the internet more and more to find relevant information about businesses.  As a smart Christian business owner, you want to provide answers to the questions your customers are searching.  With this simple online tool called answerthepublic, you will have a great head start on creating content for your website, blog or social media that will draw in traffic for you.  The more traffic you can gain, the more customers you can get.  The more customers you get, the more you can influence the world for Christ.

Another thing to keep in mind, you don’t have to write all of this stuff.  Many time someone else has already answered the question.  Why not share their information with your customers along with your added insights? That will help you become the ‘go to’ guy or girl for people looking for information about you business.

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