christian-business-hopeSunday when I left church I saw a man looking for his dog.  As he walked around the corner of the church, I got in the car and heard the name of the dog: Hope!

Picture it!  I walk out of church to find a guy wandering in the parking lot looking for hope.

I wonder how many people are out in the world looking for hope, but are afraid to go into the church.  Where do they go?

They go to businesses, like yours and mine.  They go to businesses run by Christians who become the bridge that takes them to the cross.

It is only by understanding the grace and love found in the cross that someone can truly find hope.

Is your business a place where someone can find that bridge to hope?

Businesses run by Christians can be the bridge that helps hopeless people find the cross. Click To Tweet

Be a blessing and be blessed!

-Rev. Lyle

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