Christmas sales truckWe’ve been talking about how important it is to keep the right attitude about sales during the holidays.

Sales can be year round.  Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Black Saturdays and whatever other things hit around Christmas. . . not to mention New Year’s Sales, Easter Sales, Independence Day Sales, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.

It is not about keeping up with the trends and riding each wave that comes along each year, it is about the attitude about it.

Do we create sales because everyone else is or do we create sale because we value our customers and want to honor God?

I know we can get controversial here, but let’s keep it real.  God gave you the opportunity to have a business, not to make money, but to impact lives.

Yes, you will make money if you are helping other solve their problems.  There is no problem to charge for the products and services you have.  If you don’t make money, you can’t help people.

Sales, discounts, coupons, marketing . . . these are all part of business.  Our plans should include how we will help others and make an impact for God.

With the new year coming up, have you taken time to pray about your plans for the next year?  Have you truly engaged the God of the Universe, who gave you your business, in the plans for your business?

It is not about sales. . .it is about having a right relationship with money.  It is about having a growing relationship with God.  

If you keep your life and your business lined up with God, then your plans will help people and impact lives.  One of those lives is yours.  You will grow, your business will grow and God will be standing right beside you smiling and saying . . . “Well, done, my good and faithful servant.”



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