Our revolution is simple: Elevate Christ in business.

We do this by helping Christian business owners deepen their faith AND grow their business.

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Below are Bible Studies to help you get started on the right path as a Christian in Business.  The first is for you to grow as a spiritual business leader.  The next is a study you can use to lead others in your business to a better understanding of the Bible.

Christian Business Bible Study

7-week Bible study that gives you a solid foundation for running a successful Christian business

Week 1

Learn how to seek God’s direction for your life and business.

Week 2

Learn how you are built to lead God’s people through business.

Week 3

Learn how your relationship with God impacts your business.

Week 4

Learn how we are called to serve as a leader in our business.

Week 5

Learn how our relationship with money impacts our business.

Week 6

Learn how to honor God in and with your business.

Week 7

Learn to grow your business in a God honoring way.

BONUS: Christian Business Check-up  (Printable Checklist)


Printable Weekly checklist to help you stay focused.

Understanding the Bible

(For Leading a Study)

Use this study to LEAD OTHERS.  The study comes with easy to use worksheets and takes you through an overview of the entire Bible in seven lessons. It is meant for you to be able to lead a study to better disciple those in your workplace, church or even your home.

Leader’s Guide

Participants Worksheet

Additional Training and Bonus Materials

Below are some trainings that we have gathered (legally and ethically) to give you some additional training.

Download the Christian Business Manifesto

Remind yourself about what is important.  On this page you’ll find a pdf version you can download and print out.  Put it near your desk to remind you about keeping God at the forefront of your business.

Watch the Principle Behind Christian Business Revolution

Understand the principle of the Christian business REVOLUTION and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel.


Sometimes we get a special deal from one of our vendors.  Many times they have free or significantly discounted offers.  These may include affiliate links, so we may make money if your use our link, but we don’t share anything we don’t personally use and believe in.

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BONUS: Legal WebPages

We have partnered (and invested) in FTC Guardian.  You can create legal pages for your website that automatically update as rules around the internet changes.  Click here to learn more.

BONUS: Audio Training

We have a library of audio trainings from one of Rev. Lyle’s mentors.   You can download them to your phone and listen to training ‘on the go.’

BONUS: Video Training

Here are some trainings from another one of Rev. Lyle’s mentors who discuss the ins and outs of an internet business.



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