Christian business valueStories help us put context to life.  They teach us and help us gain wisdom.  Why do you think Jesus used parables so much?

There’s an old story about a man who drops a five dollar bill in the urinal.  The bill was resting in his shirt pocket before it fell into the used mucky water.  He was quite annoyed at the bill dropping.

Another man walks up and sees the bill. “That’s tough.  What are you going to do about it?”

The man thought for a second, then took out a fifty dollar bill and dropped it in the urinal.

“What did you do that for?” yelled the incredulous observant.

The man replied matter of factly, “You don’t expect me to put my hand in a urinal for five dollars do you?”

Nothing had changed about the situation.  The urinal was still dirty.  The bill was still setting in the mucky water.

The only thing that changed was the value.

I think about Jesus and the parable of the lost sheep.  He left ninety-nine sheep to go find one sheep.  One may wonder why not just move on, but Jesus saw the value in that one sheep.  He knew the ninety-nine could take care of each other.

In business, we will always take care of what we value.  If we value money, we will keep track of our bottom line.  If we value our customers, we will track quality and satisfaction.  If we value our employees, we will give promotions, bonuses and affirmations.

Value is an undefined trait that we must define.  You have value, for starters.  Your family, employees, customers, and community all have value.  So, what are you doing about it?

There is a whole world sitting in mucky waters.  They are waiting for someone to pick them up, but their value is not high enough for someone to take action. What can you do today to raise someone’s value?

We live in a fallen world where it is every man for himself or woman for herself.  As Christian entrepreneurs, we should be the ones who notice the value of others and lifts them up to a point where others begin to see their value.

Reflection: What do you value in life and in your business?  Define that and remind yourself every day about the power of your value.  Then, pray about one person who you can help build value.  Pray for that person and how you can help. It may not be direct help, but whatever it is make sure that person feels ten times better after coming in contact with you and the mighty God you serve.

Be blessed and be a blessing


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