free accounting software for Christian entrepreneurs

Christian business owners have to account for their money and be good stewards of their resources.  Today I want to introduce you to a free accounting software.

Waveapps allows business owners to set up basic accounting including invoices, and it integrates with your checking account.


What is WaveApps

Waveapps is a free online basic accounting software.  Their webpage says, “Free and easy accounting, invoicing and more.”  It is really easy to use and it is not as complicated as most accounting software, but it has some really powerful features.

For instance, it integrates with your bank account, so every purchase through your business checking account goes automatically into your Waveapps.  It also allows you to create invoices, send them, and customers can even pay the invoice online (if you select that option).  Plus, they will automatically process the payment and it will land in your bank account.  How’s that for easy?

I may sound like I am trying to sell Waveapps, but in reality I searched for a long time to find an accounting system that was easy to use.  The fact that it is free, makes Waveapps an even better deal for Christian business owners.


How to use WaveApps

This is a tool that without knowing your specific business, I can’t tell you how to set up accounting for your business.  I can show you how easy it is to get started.  I will lay out the basics, but keep in mind when you sign up they have a helpful step-by-step process for setting up your account.

Start by signing up for a new account at waveapps.com.  Click on the button that says ‘Let’s get started.”  You can even sign in with your gmail or yahoo email accounts to make it more convenient.  (You only have to remember one password!)


free accounting software


Step 2 is setting up your invoices and reports.  Don’t let that scare you.  It is just putting in your business name, business type and currency preference.

free accounting software


Step 3 is putting in your address so that it shows up on all your invoices.  Simple, right?

free accounting software for Christian entrepreneurs


On the next screen, select ‘organizing your finances’ or ‘create an invoice.’  I suggest ‘organizing your finances’ first.  It will prompt you to enter your bank information so that integration can begin right from the start.

free accounting software for Christian entrepreneurs


The rest of the setup is specific to your business, but it is not hard.  I suggest clicking on the ‘Accounting’ tab.  It will show you all the categories that the system set up for you based on your type of business.  You can rename those to fit the needs of your business.  You can even add lines to keep track of as much or little as you have a need for.

If you click on ‘Need Help’ there is a section called WaveUniversity.  They will give you step-by-step training of your entire accounting software.  It’s really easy to follow and it’s free!  You can see in the graphic below some of the easy to use functions.

(Note: Payroll is a paid feature, but it is very affordable comparably.)

free accounting software for Christian entrepreneurs



Christian business owners must be good stewards of the resources God gave them.  Having a way to keep track of your finances is the first step in accounting for what God provides.  No matter how little or how much you make, separating your business finances from your personal account is important because it allows you to get a good picture for how your business is doing.

Accounting is not a scary part of business: it’s just numbers.  You are simply showing where your money comes into your business and goes out of your business. It is just a little more than a check register because you can now track where your expenses are going and what, or who, is bringing in the most money.

Once you have a way to track your money, you can make better business decisions based on facts.  Numbers are facts and they can help you be a great steward of all that God gives you.


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