dealing with discouragementEven Christian entrepreneurs get discouraged.

How do you deal with discouragement when life gets rough?

When we are discouraged we feel alone.  Let me be the first to remind you that you are not alone.  Other Christian entrepreneurs, like me, go through the same ups and downs in business.  And though we may not see Him, or feel Him, sometimes, God is right beside us.

I know it may be tough to read about God being by our side when life gets rough, but let me share a short prayer today.  Read it and let it remind you about the fact that you have a great purpose and God wants to use you.

A Prayer for the Discouraged

God help me to see your plan in my life and my business.  I know you are in control of my business.  I commit my business to you and submit to your leadership.

I feel discouraged, but I know you are with me.  You will bring me through anything this world throws at me.

Though I am going through tough times, I will seek you and wait on your guidance. If I am to go through the valley, let me see the mountain tip. If I am on the wrong path let your light shine so brightly that I can’t miss where you want me to go.

God I surrender to your will and ask you to give me the opportunity to see you at work today.  Let me see your presence in the little blessings of life.  Don’t let me get distracted by the things that are not going right, but help me to be thankful for everything You do in my life.  Ultimately, I know that life is going according to your plan.

Use me, Lord, as your vessel.  Let me impact a life today or this week.  Let your Holy Spirit guide me and the power of my salvation be my motivation.

To You, Lord,  be the Glory, Power and Honor, Amen


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