Should I post Bible verses on social media?

This is a great question recently asked by one of my Christian business friends.  He wanted to know if it was ‘ok’ to post Bible verses on his social media.

social-media-etiquette-Chrisian-business-webMy first response was to think of social media like a network group.  Would you go into a group and start quoting Bible verses?  Probably not.

Bob Goff, author of Love Does, said, “Why do I need to quote Bible verses on social media, they are already spelled out in the Bible?”

With that being said, I know some people will say things like, “If you quote a Bible verse, then you are exposing people to God’s word and God’s word does not return void.”

OK, I get that, but stay with me for a moment. . .

First, keep in mind when you quote a Bible verse, there is no context for that verse.  A verse taken out of context can mean anything.

Second, a non-Christian may not know that is from the Bible and if they do, they may not know how to find it.  Non-Christians may not understand what book, chapter and verse mean.

Now, with that out of the way, let me give you a better way to think about sharing God’s word: your testimony!

Your testimony is the most powerful witnessing tool you have.  If you need to share a Bible verse, share what God is teaching you about that verse.  Don’t just quote a verse, but talk about the power of God in your life today.

Again, it is a little shift, but a powerful witness.  People respond to authentic people.  When you can be real, raw and radical by living out your Christian life in a way the real world understands, then people will be drawn to the power of Christ working in your life.

One thing I want you to keep in mind, make it about TODAY!  People love to tell their testimony about things that happened in the past, but there is a mighty power about what God is doing in your life today.  Christianity is messy and business is hard so don’t be afraid to be transparent.  If you take time to share your journey and struggles in light of what God is doing, you will always have a witness to non-believers.

The quick answer: Sure share Bible verses, but only if you share how God is changing your life today.

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