In today’s video we want to remind you that if you want to grow your business, you must trust in God’s plan.

We must learn to wait on God.  His timing and His path are the quickest way to success.  When we wait on God and His timing, we are shown the way.  We must take each step of faith with confidence and be ready when God wants us to take a leap of faith.

Faith is not blind.  It walking with our eyes wide open and only taking the steps that take us to our goals. It is attaining wisdom and acting accordingly.

Trusting in God does not mean we walk blindly.  It means we walk in the knowledge of what we know.  It is called a headlight faith.  As we move, our headlights move forward lighting the path in front of us.  We don’t need to see the entire road, just the part that is coming up.  Enjoy the video!


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