What happens when you run a business based on Christian values?

Christian business owners make a difference.  In a previous article we talked about why to run a business with Christian values.  I want to take that thought one step further and talk about the power we don’t see in running a business based on the Bible.

Ultimately, lives are changed in a Christian owned business.

Lives are changed when they come into contact with the power of an All-Mighty, Sovereign God.  Lives are changed when the business owner realizes the company belongs to and is run by the God of the universe. Lives are changed when Christian values are not just talked about, but are lived out in real life with a growing faith.

I am not saying that people cannot have a value driven business outside of Christianity.  Truth is truth after all.  What I am saying is that people are more likely to have positive life-altering experiences in the workplace when the business is based on biblical standards.  In essence the Holy Spirit of God becomes the silent worker that brings the business owner, workers and customers in touch with the resurrection power of Jesus all wrapped up in the power of a loving God.

Impacting the world starts with the growing faith of Christian Entrepreneurs.

Imagine if your business became a sanctuary for real life people walking this wonderful journey of faith.  Whether people are just starting to seek out God or have been a believer for years, there is something felt deep inside when a business is firmly rooted in the power of the one true God of the universe.

If your faith is growing, it can’t help but overflow to those you serve.  Your employees can feel it and your customers can feel it.

Running our businesses like Christ changes lives.

Believe or not, customers will feel comfortable knowing that you are accountable to a higher power.  Even skeptics will expect your business to be run with excellence knowing that you have a high moral standard.  It may seem counter intuitive, but people are always looking for the ‘real deal’ especially when it comes to Christians who own businesses.

Look at the life of Christ in the Bible.  He cared for people and truly loved them.  He didn’t go out announcing everyone’s sins and making them feel judged.  As a matter of fact, the only people He really called out was the religious snobs of His day.  The key is to focus on love and let the Holy Spirit do His wonder working power.  Only God can change lives.  We can only release Him to work in our businesses.

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Allow the Holy Spirit to become a silent worker for you.  You don’t have to pay Him, but He will change you, change your business and change the lives of everyone around you.  You just have to let Him know He is welcome in your business.

Christian Entrepreneurs Series

In this series we will discuss Christian business leadership and what it could look like to have spirituality, especially Christianity, active and living in the workplace:

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